2015-College Admission 2025: Embracing the Future

January 21-23, 2015 (Los Angeles, CA)

Nearly 200 participants from around the US and abroad came together for the 2015 CERPP Conference, College Admissions 2025: Embracing the Future. Together, we forecast the future of college admissions and explored a future in which state and national borders are permeable, degrees are blended, a non-White US population emerges, existing technology becomes obsolete, and outcomes are the key indicators. The following questions guided the discussion:

  • How will admission policy and practice change?
  • How can we prepare for what we know and what we may not know about the future?
  • What will be the emerging roles of institutions, governments, and entrepreneurs?

2015 Information

2015 Conference Program Please click on each day for the conference blog, which provides a summary of each session. All available presentations are linked to as PDFs.

Day 1: Conference Blog

  • Diversity as a Strategic Advantage
    • Dr. Marta Tienda, Maurice P. During Professor in Demographic Studies, Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs, Princeton University)
Day 2: Conference Blog
  • The Federal Role: College Ratings, Gainful Employment, and Student Aid
    • Dr. Ted Mitchell, Under Secretary, US Department of Education
  • On Demographics, Education Consortia, and State Policy
    • Dr. David Longanecker, President, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE))
  • The Common Core and Higher Education
    • Dr. Michael Kirst, President, California State Board of Education; Professor Emeritus of Education and Business Administration, Stanford University
  • International and Global Education and Student Mobility
    • Dr. Tristian Stobie, Director, Education, Cambridge International Examinations
    • Mr. Drew Deutsch, Director, International Baccalaureate Americas
    • Mr. Clay Hensley, Senior Director, International Strategy & Outreach, The College Board
  • The Age of the Transfer Student
    • Dr. Stephen Handel, Associate Vice President, Undergraduate Admissions, University of California
    • Dr. Janet L. Marling, Executive Director, National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students (NISTS), University of North Georgia
    • Dr. Frank Chong, Superintendent/President, Santa Rosa Junior College
  • The 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act
    • Dr. John Brooks Slaughter, Professor of Education, USC Rossier School Of Education; Professor of Engineering, USC Viterbi School of Engineering
Day 3: Conference Blog
  • Edutopia: A Vision for the Future
    • Dr. Steve Arnold, Vice Chairman/CFO, Edutopia: The George Lucas Educational Foundation
  • Entrepreneurs, Vendors, and College Admissions: What the Future Holds
    • Mr. Tom Dretler, CEO, Shorelight Education
    • Ms. Anne Dwane, CBO, Chegg
    • Mr. Stephen Smith, President, Advising & Admissions Solutions, Hobsons; Co-Founder and CEO, Naviance
Diversity as a Strategic Advantage The Common Core and Higher Education    Age of the Transfer Student The 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act Edutopia: A Vision for the Future Entrepreneurs, Vendors, and College Admissions


We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our partners who sponsored the College Admission 2025 conference:

  • ACT
  • Cambridge International Examinations
  • The College Board
  • Hobsons
  • International Baccalaureate Organization
  • Rossier School of Education