2013 Presentations

Leadership, Access, and Preserving the Dream

Emerging Leaders Academy, College Board Western Region, December (Santa Monica, CA)
Presenter: Jerry Lucido

Toward a Trusted System of American College Counseling and Academic Record Keeping in China

Center for American Culture and Education, October (New York, NY)
Presenter: Jerry Lucido

From Admission Director to Enrollment Leader

Secondary School Admissions Testing Board, Annual Meeting, September (Philadelphia, PA)
Presenter: Jerry Lucido

Trends and Opportunities for the Future

The Common Application Board of Directors Meeting, June (Chicago, IL)
Presenter: Jerry Lucido

Non-Cognitive Assessment in College Admissions

Enrollment Planning Network, May (Washington, D.C.)
Presenter: Jerry Lucido

The Future of Higher Education and the Role of Enrollment Management

National Council for Enrollment Policy and Planning, May (Claremont, CA)
Presenter: Jerry Lucido

Promoting Community College Success: Promising Practices and Structures

Promoting Community College Success: Promising Practices and Structures
Preparate 2013, May 2 (Chicago, IL)
Presenters: Emily Chung (USC), Mary Ziskin (Indiana University), Bradley Quin (The College Board), and Stephen Handel (The College Board)

The College Board recently completed a study looking at retention models in two-year colleges. This follows a 2009 study that investigated similar models at four-year institutions. This session will examine the broad themes from these studies and review strategies for improving student persistence. Participants will analyze about the most prominent structures and strategies in place to promote student success in U.S. community colleges. Participants will also examine how to utilize the promising practices matrix as a self-evaluation tool and vehicle for promoting campus-wide discussion and reflexive practice.


College and Career Readiness Assessments: How Will Scores Be Used by Higher Education?

AERA 2013, April 30 (San Francisco, CA)
Presenters: Michael W. Kirst (Stanford University), Jerry Lucido (USC), James A. Wollack (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Wayne J. Camara (The College Board)

State consortia are scheduled to administer new college and career ready (CCR) assessments in 2014-15. Two years later, colleges and universities are expected to use the same CCR cut scores to determine if students are prepared to enter credit bearing courses in math and English language arts. The panel will discuss the obstacles to the adoption of the same cut scores, as well as the challenges such uniform standards pose to the spectrum of postsecondary institutions.

Latina/o Student Success in Higher Education: Models of Empowerment at Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), Emerging HSIs, and Non-HSIs

American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education (AAHHE) National Conference, March 30 (San Antonio, Texas)
Presenter: Marcela Cuellar (USC)

Conference program

While postsecondary Latina/o enrollments are on the rise, a significant proportion of these students enroll at Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) and emerging HSIs. Yet, knowledge is limited on the factors influencing Latina/o enrollment at these institutional types and subsequent educational outcomes. This session will review the findings from a dissertation that employed a two-pronged approach to address gaps in research on Latina/os’ college choice process and educational outcomes at HSIs, emerging HSIs, and non-HSIs.



K-12 and Higher Education Panel

Hobsons Annual Meeting, January (Indianapolis, IN)
Presenters: Jerry Lucido and Eric Fingerhut