Nov 8 (San Antonio, TX) 9:00-10:30 am
Presenters: Dr. Don Hossler and Dr. Jerry Lucido
Focus: Knowledge and skills needed for successful enrollment management leaders

Holistic Admission: Successfully Meeting Mission-Driven Enrollment Goals
Oct 26 (Chicago, IL) 2:30-3:45 pm
College Board Forum 2016
Presenters: Dr. Jerry Lucido and Dr. Don Hossler
Focus: Research on how non-academic factors, often referred to as non-cognitive variables, are used in college admission

College Admissions Evolution: Implications for Non-cognitive Learning and Admission
Sep 21 (Columbus, OH) 1:00-1:45 pm
Institute of Character and Admission Inaugural Meeting
Presenters: Dr. Jerry Lucido and Dr. Bob Massa
Focus: Evolving use of non-cognitive variables in college enrollment


Blind Spots: Knowing What You Don’t Know

ACT Enrollment Planners Conference, July 17 (Chicago, IL)ACT Enrollment Planners Conference dot activity photo
Presenters: Wendy Marshall and David Kalsbeek (DePaul University)

Wendy and David led a session on what it means to be a leader in enrollment management and how to self-identify growth opportunities.

Check out the national map of participants and the padlet posting participants completed on their undergraduate major, first position in the EM path, current position, and a summary statement.


View 2013 Presentation Details

  • Leadership, Access, and Preserving the Dream
  • Toward a Trusted System of American College Counseling and Academic Record Keeping in China
  • From Admission Director to Enrollment Leader
  • Trends and Opportunities for the Future
  • Non-Cognitive Assessment in College Admissions
  • The Future of Higher Education and the Role of Enrollment Management
  • College and Career Readiness Assessments: Admission and Course Placement in Higher Education
  • K-12 and Higher Education Panel
  • Attributes That Matter: Beyond the Usual In College Admissions and Success
  • Promoting Community College Success: Promising Practices and Structures
  • College and Career Readiness Assessments: How Will Scores Be Used by Higher Education?
  • Latina/o Student Success in Higher Education: Models of Empowerment at Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), Emerging HSIs, and Non-HSIs


View 2012 Presentation Details

  • College Access and Success Assessment: A Conceptual Framework for Assessing High School College-Going Cultures
  • Promising Practices & Organizational Structures: Promoting Community College Student Success
  • Workshop Session: An Innovative Approach to Evaluate and Strengthen College-Going Culture
  • Plenary Address on college access and success
  • SuperACAC Opening Session
  • College-Going Culture and College Access Among African American Students
  • Revisiting Validation Theory: A Theoretical Dialogue with Research and Practice Implications


View 2011 Presentation Details

  • How Community Colleges Organize for Student Success
  • Improving College Student Success: Lessons Learned from Research and a Retention Czar
  • College Access and Success Assessment (CASA): Using Data to Evaluate and Enhance a School’s College-Going CultureAdditional Contributions

Additional Contributions

  • AERA Annual Meeting New Orleans, LA


View 2010 Presentation Details

  • The Next Cohort of Enrollment Leaders
  • Improving K-16 Alignment, School Culture and Counseling Experise to Enhance College-Going Culture
  • A National Survey of Institutional Retention Practices
  • Toolbox for Success: Tools to Support the Creation of a Sustainable College-Going Culture
  • Who We Are: An In-Depth Look at Enrollment Professionals, the Movement to Centralize Enrollment Systems and External Influences on Our Practice

Additional Contributions

  • AERA Annual Meeting, Denver, CO.
  • AIR Annual Forum, Chicago, IL
  • ASHE National Conference, Indianapolis, IN
  • NACAC National Conference St. Louis, MO


View 2009 Presentation Details

  • Motivation Matters: Using a Multidimensional Theoretical Framework to Assess What Enrollment Structures Reveal about Institutional Priorities
  • How Colleges and Universities Organize Themselves to Promote Student Persistence: The Emerging National Picture
  • Enrollment Professionals: The Centralization Movement and External Influences
  • Informing Policy Initiatives to Facilitate College Access and Success: Exploring the College Capital Index
  • Assessing the Changing Face of Institutional Enrollment Efforts: An Examination of Chief Enrollment Officers and Chief Admission Officers
  • Evaluating the Perceived Capacity of High School Seniors to Value, Pursue and Complete a Four-Year Degree: The College Capital Index
  • Evaluating the Perceived Capacity of High School Seniors to Value, Pursue and Complete a Four-Year Degree: The College Capital Index
  • Sustaining Opportunity: An Overview of Salient Funding and Aid Issues Facing Higher Education
  • Measuring College Capital

Additional Contributions

  • NACAC National Conference, Baltimore, MD
  • AERA Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA


View 2008 Presentation Details

  • Practicing Admission in a Changing World: Understanding How the Roles and Priorities of Enrollment Managers Vary by Institutional Type and Circumstance
  • Bridging the Gap: Understanding the Academic Preparation of High School Graduates for College Admission
  • Negotiating Troubled Waters: Contemporary Issues in Student Aid, Access, and Accountability in Higher Education
  • Institutional Responses to Moral, Philosophical, and Practical Considerations in the Allocation of Aid

Additional Contributions

  • ASHE National Conference, Jacksonville, FL
  • NACAC National Conference, Seattle, WA

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