Master’s Degree Program

USC Rossier School of Education will be offering a Master of Education in Enrollment Management and Policy (EMP) in Summer 2018

The USC Rossier School of Education is preparing to launch a Master of Education in Enrollment Management and Policy (EMP) in Summer 2018. This program focuses on the preparation of graduates to assume positions within the field of enrollment management at two- and four-year postsecondary educational institutions and private preparatory schools. We will prepare candidates who are performing in early to mid-career positions with a particular focus on preparing future leaders in enrollment management organizations.  Most graduates are expected to take roles within postsecondary education institutions in central enrollment management units and in component and complementary offices, including admissions, financial aid, orientation, student retention, strategic planning and campus-based enrollment research units. Some graduates will also assume senior roles in independent K-12 schools. This M.E. is a cohort program and students are expected to take two courses in each semester, including two courses each summer. The program consists of 30 units and is a hybrid program, delivered primarily on-line but with convergence seminars.

Graduates will be prepared to manage and lead enrollment management (EM) organizations in universities, colleges, private schools, and/or the units found within EM organizations as has already been mentioned.

Potential titles of graduates of this program include:

  • Vice-President, Vice-Provost, or Dean of Enrollment Management
  • Director/Dean of Admissions
  • Assistant or Associate Director/Dean of Admissions
  • Director of Financial Aid
  • Assistant or Associate Director of Financial Aid
  • Director of Orientation
  • Assistant or Associate Director of Orientation
  • Director of Enrollment Research
  • Assistant or Associate Director of Enrollment Research
  • Director of Student Success (student retention)
  • Assistant or Associate Director of Student Success
  • University Registrar (registration and student records)
  • Assistant or Associate University Registrar

In addition, graduates of this program will work at senior middle management positions at large institutions as well as leadership roles in independent schools.

The capstone experience will ask students to prepare a five-year strategic enrollment management plan. Students will develop a plan for the institution at which they are currently employed or a university or school selected with the assistance from faculty in the program.

Specific knowledge bases and skills that students will graduate with include the following:

  •  How rankings and organizational resources influence admissions models
  • Strategies and cutting-edge practices in admissions recruitment for two- and four-year institutions.
  • Admissions marketing
  • Recruitment and orientation of transfer students
  • Legal aspects of student financial aid for postsecondary educational institutions
  • Strategic use of campus-based financial aid
  • Role of institutional and student factors in student retention and success at two- and four-year colleges and universities
  • Successful socialization and transition for new students
  • Institutional enrollment research (admissions, financial aid, student retention)
  • Enrollment policy and planning


For more information on the Enrollment Management and Policy master’s program, please contact Michelle Steinman, Assistant Director Office of Admissions and Scholarships at or (213) 740-0224.