Keith Wright

Wright imageDirector of Psychometrics

The Enrollment Management Association (Skillman, NJ)

Dr. Wright has an extensive background in statistical research, academic administration, and technical expertise in computer science. He is responsible for conducting the design and operation of test score reporting, including scoring, item analysis, equating, quality assurance, trend analysis, and research.

Dr. Wright holds a Ph.D. in Research, Measurement, and Statistics from Georgia State University, where his disserta¬tion focused on differential item functioning. He also holds an MBA in Finance/Marketing from Loyola University of Chicago and a MSCS from Illinois Institute of Technology. He has presented at a variety of conferences, including the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, and the Annual Meeting of the Psychometric So¬ciety, on differential item functioning of items and tests. In addition, he has presented at the Annual Innovations in Testing Conference, on the evolution of standardized testing. Wright’s research “An Effect Size Measure for Raju’s Differ¬ential Functioning for Items and Tests” was accepted for publication by Educational and Psychological Measurement. More recently, Wright’s research “Differential item functioning among multiple groups using Raju’s DFIT” was accepted for publication by International Journal of Testing.

He has served as the Chief Academician – Dean of Academic Affairs for DeVry University’s Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina locations. While at DeVry, Wright also served as a statistics instructor and a frequent guest lecturer on advanced item response theory at Georgia State University.

Dr. Wright started his career as a software and firmware design engineering manager at a variety of telecommunications companies.