21st Century Knowledge and Skills: The New High School Curriculum and the Future of Assessment


  • How can we educate for democratic participation, fulfilling careers, and productive members of the national and global society?
  • What are the skills, knowledge, and habits of mind that are needed in the 21st century?
  • What is the purpose of the curriculum and what can be measured, as well as what cannot be measured?

We will address these questions and more in CERPP’s upcoming 2012 conference.

  • 21st Century Knowledge and Skills will discuss the alignment of high school curricula and college expectations, and present the latest thinking on the national core curriculum and international models of excellence.
  • We will also demonstrate concretely how these will take shape in schools, and explore how high schools will look in the near future.
  • Furthermore, the most trusted sources in testing and assessment will speak candidly about the innovations and limitations of both.

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Sponsor Acknowledgment

We would like to gratefully acknowledge all of our sponsors for contributing to the excellence of the conference:

We would also like to thank the USC Rossier School of Education for its support of Rossier faculty, staff and graduate students to attend our conference.


Presentations and Sessions

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Day 1

  • 21st Century Skills, Knowledge, Habits, and Values

Day 2

  • The Alignment and Misalignment of High School and College Expectations
  • Common Core State Standards and the National Assessment Consortia
  • International Standard Setting: New Methods, New Questions, Learning Objectives and Advanced Assessment
  • Curriculum Innovations: Global Perspectives and International Standards: How Learning Objectives and Assessments Translate into Curriculum
  • Teachers and Leaders: Challenges and Opportunities for Standards Implementation
  • Advancing Learning District-wide: Public Education at a Crossroads: A Call for Quality Education

Day 3

  • Non-cognitive Contributors to College and Career Success
  • Perspectives: Media, Politics, and the Responsibility of Higher Education
  • Implications for Policy and Practice

Speakers and Available Presentations

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Philosophy and Education

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