Aid in an Age of Uncertainty

The center brings together scholars, practitioners, and policymakers for topical in-depth discussions concerning critical enrollment issues. Topics may include standardized testing, the enrollment of undocumented students, and the management and use of data to inform enrollment decisions.

The first symposium, “Aid in an Age of Uncertainty,” aimed to enhance the capacity of aid practitioners and policymakers to provide students with financial aid within the context of today’s challenging economic environment.

This symposium took place January 22-23, 2009 in Los Angeles and featured David Longanecker of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) as the keynote speaker. Participants:

  • Came away with a greater understanding of how colleges and universities have historically responded to periods defined by constrained budgets, slumping endowments, and restricted credit
  • Learned how institutions may more effectively structure their aid efforts during the economic crisis
  • Enhanced their capacity to develop aid strategies that are better insulated from external economic forces in hopes of ensuring that students have unencumbered access to student aid and will therefore be more apt to pursue and complete postsecondary degrees
  • Learned how federal and state government officials may assist with efforts to aid students during the economic crisis


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Aid Summary Proceedings

  • Weathering the Economic Storm: A Historical Perspective on Aid in America
  • Defining the Role of Government in the Funding and Distribution of Student Aid
  • Remembering the Public Good: Analyzing Student Aid Through the Perspectives of Higher Education Policy and Professional Organizations
  • Funding Opportunity in Today’s Challenging Economic Environment: A Practitioner’s Viewpoint

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