The USC Center for Enrollment Research, Policy, and Practice hosts the annual “go to” event for the nation’s leading policy makers, practitioners, and scholars in college readiness, admission, and success. Each event explores in depth potential “game changing” issues in college access and success.

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Student Selection: Art, Science & Emerging Trends 

January 22-24, 2017 (Marina del Rey Marriott)

The attributes of a successful college student go well beyond measures of the ubiquitous and at times misapplied components of standardized tests, class rank, and high school grades. The abilities to adapt, persist, interpret, lead, be creative, handle disappointment and difficulty, negotiate complex systems, and engage and have empathy for others often make the difference between a student who is a good choice or a poor one in admission, and a student who is engaged and successful on campus or one who is not.

Our conference will address these matters and ask the following questions. What does the latest research tell us about how admission decisions are made and what biases and practices remain unexamined? What new approaches show the greatest promise for equity and for understanding of the qualities that matter in a successful student? How are so called “non-cognitive factors” considered in college admissions and how can they be given their due? How might college preparation change if these attributes were more widely understood to be critical in college admission and success?

Details on past conferences including agendas, speakers, presentations, publications, and the like can be found by visiting each conference’s webpage below.

Affording College: Costs, Debt, and the Way Forward

2016 (Jan 13-15)

2015 (Jan 21-23)

Defining Merit: The Nexus of Mission, Excellence, and Diversity

2014 (Jan 15-17)

Attributes that Matter: Beyond the Usual in College Admissions and Success

2013 (Jan 16-18)

21st Century Skills and Knowledge: The New High School Curriculum and the Future of Assessment

2012 (Jan 11-13)

The Case for Change in College Admissions

2011 (Jan 26-28)

What Matters Now: College Access and Success in the Age of Obama

2010 (Jan 13-15)

Aid in an Age of Uncertainty Symposium

2009 (Jan 22-23)

Inaugural Conference – Defining Enrollment in the 21st Century: Understanding Our Students and Our Commitments

2008 (Aug 4-6)


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