Alumni Reflections

Embark on the journey to professional growth with the USC Leadership in Enrollment Management certificate program.  Reflections from our recently graduated cohort attest to the value of this online program.  With our faculty drawn from experts across the nation, we provide you the knowledge, skills, and network to advance in your career.


My biggest take-a-way from this year-long professional development was the importance of securing buy-in and stakeholders who support enrollment management and will advocate for the betterment of the division…Additionally, my resume has grown because of all the ideas I have developed and implemented since being in this program.

Over the past nine months, I have grown so much as an enrollment officer, a colleague, and a leader.  I have gained so much from this program and am so grateful to have participated in it.  The professional network as well as readings and resources will continue to support me throughout my career.


This past year has been one of enormous professional growth–both forced and learned.  I am grateful for the wisdom and support of the USC CERPP faculty as well as the amazing feedback and support from my CERPP cohort members.

I’m also intrigued by the beginning readings that mentioned that EM is not just actions, but also a way to organize. I want to remember to keep both aspects of EM in mind when sharing this with the rest of the campus.

Real-World Application of Knowledge and Skills

This summer at our retreat, I’ll be teaching our staff … I feel confident that blending this certificate program with real experience has prepared me for the challenges ahead along with new career opportunities.

I began the program in an interim role as Senior AVP for Enrollment Management. At the conclusion of the first session, I was appointed to the permanent role and these assignments supported my work immediately. I particularly appreciated the emphasis of the program on the entire student life cycle, from prospective student through graduation. I have greatly appreciated the literature and resources on enrollment management and the feedback from the instructors.

Most of what I included in my portfolio was work that applied directly to my situation and to complete the assignment I had to reflect on where I’m at and where I want to go. I find those assignments to be very helpful and the creation of this portfolio will help me to refer back to important points that I don’t want to forget.


This time last year I had NO idea I would be as well-versed as I am in enrollment management today. Before, while I thought strategically, I really did not allow the data to help drive my professional decisions.

This year has provided a rich learning experience that was not only timely, but relevant to my work.