August 2, 2016

Student Selection: Art, Science & Emerging Trends

What does the latest research tell us about how admission decisions are made and what biases and practices remained examined? What new approaches show the greatest promise for equity and for understanding of the qualities that matter in a successful student? How are so called “non-cognitive factors” considered in college admissions and how can they be given their due? The abilities for a student to adapt, persist, interpret, be creative, negotiate complex systems, and have empathy for others often makes the difference between a student who is a good choice or a poor one in admission and a student who is engaged and successful on campus or one who is not. How might college preparation change if these attributes were more widely understood to be critical in college admission and success?

These questions and more will be discussed, challenged, and expanded upon during our annual CERPP conference, to be held at the Marina Del Rey Marriott fromĀ January 22 to 24, 2017.

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