2008 Research Grant Recipients

The call for proposals for CERPP’s 2008 research grant program was completed in February 2008. Many quality research proposals were submitted to the center. A review committee comprised of higher education scholars and the center’s directors evaluated the proposals to gauge their viability and commitment to expanding our collective understanding of important enrollment issues. Consistent with the center’s goals, CERPP is proud to invest in cutting-edge research that is intellectually worthy, useful for practitioners, and will have a direct and lasting impact on students, institutions, and society. The following research projects were funded by grants from the USC Center for Enrollment Research, Policy, and Practice.

Project summaries have been posted on the publications page of the center’s website.

Funded Research Projects

“Cascading in higher education: Investigating the impact of institutional stratification on educational opportunity in America”

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  • Michael Bastedo, University of Michigan
  • Ozan Jaquette, University of Michigan
  • Grant total: $10,000
  • Related Presentation – IHEP 2008

“Los Estudiantes Migrantes y Educación / The migrant students and education”

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  • R. Evely Gildersleeve, Iowa State University
  • Los Estudiantes Migrantes y Educación (LEME) Student Researcher Collaborative
  • Grant total: $10,000

“Low income student persistence to timely graduation as a function of the academic experience”

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  • Troy Johnson, University of North Texas
  • Sarah Collins, University of North Texas
  • Grant total: $10,000

“Red light, green light: The impact of signals on the college aspirations of urban high school students of color”

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  • Franklin Tuitt, University of Denver
  • Malaika McKee-Culpepper, University of Denver
  • Kent Seidel, University of Denver
  • Grant total: $10,000

“The road less traveled: Factors affecting community college transfer student access to a flagship university”

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  • Patricia Somers, University of Texas at Austin
  • Rose Martinez, University of Texas at Austin
  • Grant total: $5,000

“Using enrollment in position for prestige in American higher education”

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  • J. Douglas Toma, University of Georgia
  • Grant total: $5,000

“Who goes early? A multi-level analysis of early decision and early action applicants”

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  • Julie Park, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Kevin Eagan, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Grant total: $9,024